Is this mere inventive indulgence, or an example of exulted expression? Is it valid, vapid, or just plain vulgar? Is it mad, bad, or just plain sad? An electrical eclectic eulogy to fabulous freedom or an empty excuse for excessive exhibition.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R9cInhELeKs&list=PLoolcyWFU9ELoI46BmJ1dz0cUxRK62T87
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I'm an American, and glad you're singing in your native accent (I like most English accents a lot). Though I'm guilty of occasionally singing in a fake English accent, not sure why so many non-Americans feel inclined to sing in an artificial American accent. Your song was likable & fun; reminded me a bit of the Kinks. Are you wearing a dress for shock appeal or ? Perhaps you can review my music at this link (I've been played on BBC 6Music):

You English pretty good. To balance that out, I'll try to use as few synonyms as possible.
Your song sounds like a good Britpop song. You hit some pretty good high notes at times. The opening guitar bit is pretty wacky for this kind of song, and that's... good. I'm not sure what the tights and skirt are about, but I've never been to England. Maybe everyone wears those there. I'm an American, where the only thing we wear is freedom.

Jokes aside, you have a unique style and a great voice. Thanks for checking out my song, and writing all of those words and stuff.
Hmm, you look big words don't you

Good compositional skills. I like the queer color and really odd diminished interjections. I think your playing at those parts could be a little sharper though, those distorted notes sound a little forced. Work on your right hand form and stuff like that will sound smoother.

I bloody love the lyrics too!
I enjoyed the uniqueness of this song, also my favorite part is the I dress to kill, I think it's catchy and I love the over all feel of it. The diminished parts are also catchy and contrast the other parts in a good way!
Man, this is pretty catchy and quirky. I took a look at your other songs, and they're almost the perfect mix of pop and melodic complexity. Pretty good lyrics too. The Shins came to mind as I listened. I can't help but feel that a lot of your songs have a similar feel, though, and that they'd all kind of run together on an album.
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I don't think I've ever heard such a unique song man. Song's like this are a breath of fresh air.

Really is such a creative piece, composed really well, the production and mix are spot on, the vocals are intriguing along with the lyrics which are clever.

Really is a wholly creative piece that you have written. Complex yet simple.
Well this is quite the quirky quintessence of Nevermore (Prog/Thrash band), Pop and Progressive Rock.

Let's see if I can meet the verbosity of your reply on my composition.

Our journey begins with a fantastical flurry of diminished sequences played with petrifying precision. Although abrupt, the transition to a (joyous) Pink Floyd-esque sound made me nostalgic of yesterdays gone by. Vocals are even more reminiscent of Pink Floyd and your vocabulary would make most men covetous and insecure. The chorus while incredibly captivating, suffered from a lack of potential caused by the rhythm guitars. However, if these were brought up in the mix then these complications would disappear. The final diminished sequence is masterfully composed and the strings in the remaining part of the composition definitely signify the completion of the piece.

Well done, too happy for me to normally listen to this stuff but I can appreciate where you're going with it.
Definitely different to what I'd normally listen to for sure. The songwriting itself is really good! the overall sound of the mix can definitely be improved though. Fixing the latter is easier though

On a side note, how did you get your vocabulary to be so extensive?
I listened to all of your playlist and it felt like a trip to the theater.
I loved Simon Said, the lyrics were greatly entertaining, and the melody was perfectly made.
My next favorite has to be No Surrender. Someone in the comments section said the song got stuck into their heads all day at work. I definitely see that happening to me also.
It felt like a trip to the theater, but the play was a tragic one, and left me thinking about life and my problems. Don't get me wrong, I loved all of them, and I'm sorry that I can't give you a proper feedback, but I lack the vocabulary. One thing I would change from your songs - sing louder. You are an incredibly talented lyricist, and you surely know how to compose a song. Good luck in your future releases fellow musician.
Music is fantastic, I hesitate to make any criticism or suggestion. However I think the singing tone could be improved. Maybe the guitar playing a little, but both of those will also be improved with better production. Guitar could use some reverb and other effects in places, you'll get more of a psychedelic effect.
Your writing, musically and lyrically, is just excellent.
[Based on listening to four or five of your songs]
I think you could be a successful musician.
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Hi Jathon,

Thanks for your review! I listened to your song too.
Wow, this was very strange! And I said it meaning only the best. It sounds like a mix between Syd Barrett and Iron Maiden. It is nice and very catchy song... maybe it will benefit from more vintage and "spacey" (with more reverb and/or delay) sounding mix. Anyway, you have very interesting style! The heavy/power metal guitar was not my cup of tea but certainly it's original.
Thanks for your glowing review!

My first impression of Dressed To Kill was that it was very fresh, quite unique so then I spent some time listening to some other songs on your youtube channel as well as giving Dress To Kill a few more listens. Your approach to song writing both instrumentally and lyrically seems very personal and genuine to me and thats probably part of what makes it stand out compared to other songs I've heard. The quick precise bends you include in your lead lines especially caught my attention. I also enjoy your tendency to ride the whammy bar down at the end of lines. Gives them a nice closure. It was hard to come up with criticism just listening to the one song, but as I took a look at the bigger picture across songs it made me think about how there's not much variance of the instruments and sounds from song to song. Your sound is quite unique so you don't want it to suddenly be worn out as people go through a bunch of your songs. The mixes across the board are also pretty sterile for me. None of them really give the sense of space to me, especially the string sounds. I like the combination of instruments you use, I just wish each felt more alive to me. Your drums I'm guessing are programmed and as such, generally not the focal point of your music, but those sounds were somewhat bland to my ears as well. As I'm going through the elements though I'm now recalling how much I dig your bass work in some of the songs. A couple of them were pretty funky in that department which I'm a big fan of. Not sure I remember the names of them though. I think Simon Said was my favorite all around song of yours. The assortment of light reading that makes a cameo in that video is enjoyable as well. The hats scattered about the guitar stand were a favorite as well. I get the impression your presentation is all very calculated (which isnt to say its not genuine) though it's meant to come off as random and perhaps whimsical. This reflects your composition style which is also full of little diversions from the expected that are refreshing and yet dont take away from the fact that in the end you have a rather catchy pop song at work here. It took a few listens of Dressed To Kill to realize that the chorus is actually pretty straight forward and in fact very catchy. You're hooked before you even know what hits ya. When it's time for self expression, you're certainly dressed to kill.
I like how you're a Laaaahhhndener and don't care
Some of the violin stabs were way too high in the mix IMO.
Dressed To Kill is quirky for sure. I was glad near the end you rolled into two choruses cos it's catchy. Guitar playing was good on the whole. A few timing issues I think I heard but that could be fixed easily.
I was getting a Small Faces Lazy Sunday Afternoon vibe overall in attitude, but that's just from my musical lexicon.
It was fun and good for sure.

Thanks for review you did on mine.
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Thanks for your review of my song.

This is really well done, definitely something unique, in a good way.

At first I wasn't sure if I liked the quirky, diminished sounding sections because they didn't seem to fit the rest of the song, but as I listened further I decided I like them. They add a sort of juxtaposition and keep the listener interested by making sure the song doesn't fall into a typical predictable pattern. Plus it just sounds cool in my opinion. It's a really strange sound but it totally works.

The chorus is really catchy, and I feel like it does a good job of resolving the tension created by all that diminished guitar work.

Overall very well done and interesting to listen to, I enjoyed it.
Hey, fifteen year old me, that's not how you spell "Genesis"
This is odd, but you knew that. It's also good, I hope you knew that.

It's interesting and I particularly like the inventive use of rhythms and well placed electronic instruments.

I'm unsure about your vocal style, it's a very specific kind of voice that works for some stuff and will struggle for others. It worked really well for 'love forever' but it may be too much on 'dressed to kill'. Maybe tailoring it for different songs.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1666751
Thanks for your review of my tune.
I like this song. I feel that it was a bit too minimalistic drum wise and that your diminished run sometimes got in the way of the song (while other times complimented the entirety very nicely and took the right turns). Otherwise your arrangement is lovely and I can't help it but think that your singing sounds like Spinal Tap (in a good way). You got that Nigel Tufnel tone in your voice.
Great song, keep 'em coming!
Dressed To Kill: Damn, I like that chorus melody alot! The song itself is very proggy to my ears. It's very unique, the diminished leadguitar makes it even more so, and shows very good compositional skills! Keep up that good work and thank you very much for your crit.

As I'm listening to more of your songs I have to say: This whole concept is pretty badass!

Simon Said is my favorite but I'm enjoying all of them and don't see a problem in sounding the same over the songs, it makes it distinctive and recognizable.
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A part of me feels like the diminished bit peppered throughout gets in the way of a fun, poppy rock song, but part of me also feels like even though it shouldn't work, it really really does. I love your lyrics, and that chorus is fantastically catchy. The vocals sound like they could use a little more power behind them. It sounds like you're trying to be quiet, which works for the verses but makes the high notes on the chorus sound somewhat thin and strained. That said, though, you have a pretty nice voice that works really well for what you're doing. Overall this is a refreshingly different piece, and I dig it.
It's not like what I typically listen to but I couldn't help but be engaged. I definitely was drawn in from the beginning and the song keeps the listener. There's catchy pop hooks mixed with great guitar playing. It's what I imagine might happen if Muse tried to play a little pop rock song haha. I don't really have much criticism for the track I think it's very good as is. Maybe slightly more power behind the vocals, but they do match the song very well.

Great song!
I love this! I really like the off-kilter lead guitar bits, they keep it so fresh and interesting and your compositional skills are fantastic. The vocals and verse parts are so quintessentially british. I like how unabashed and enthusiastic about your style. I thought it was mixed well, too, my only gripe is how mid-heavy the lead tone is. In places your voice sounds a little like death cab for cutie (though obviously nothing else really does lol).

If i had one real criticism it'd be the electric guitar tone. I'd dial the mids back a bit to make it a bit less nasally. Other than that im really diggin this stuff man. Im gonna have "oym dressed to kew" stuck in my head all day haha.
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Bitches be Crazy.

Lol man you are one of the most interesting individuals I've seen on a musician site. The music itself is actually pretty funny and interesting at the same time without being overly cheesy or quirky. My only complaints would have to be that your volume levels are kinda spotty on some of the instruments and vocals in the songs. To give a detailed breakdown would be kinda difficult, but for example in Red Rock some of the vocals are extremely loud compared to the rest of the music.

Also, your usage of English is rather interesting. The first thing that it reminds me of is the character V from V from Vendetta. I'm sure you hear that a lot.
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This is an impressive track. and now I know what you mean by presentation. This is Excellent.
Reminds of the good early brit bands that pushed the envelope.
Guitar work is really nice, complex without losing the plot.
Hey Jathon, thanks for your comprehensive review of our 2 songs.

Dressed to kill – I was NOT expecting that lol. There is so much passive aggressive stuff in that song haha. Are you wearing a skirt? I thought the beginning has that same kind of chaotic feeling that you can find in songs from Zappa (or more metal bands like Unexpect and Haken who like to go from a heavy riff to a “sarcastic” light riff). Despite the song being weird/quirky in general, the chorus really sticks to you, it is catchy. Overall, it sounds like a pop rock song made by someone with a bipolar depression disorder or having a psychotic outbreak.

I hope you take those comments positively, it’s a refreshing song, I swear the chorus really stuck in my head. I am pretty sure you put that touch of humour intentionally. Also I’ve listened to other songs on your channel (Hell for Leather) and that seems to be a style in this one as well. Love the bass line on that song.

See ya mate.

Thanks for the feedback on my track.

I checked out your song Dressed To Kill, really enjoyed it and as other have said, your style is very unique and you have a good blend of different styles.

The vocal melodies and chorus sections were catchy and memorable. I also liked the vocal harmonies that you layered. The track had a pop/ska/brit pop feel to it but then the short sections of offbeat guitars and string parts which added an extra dimension to your track. The overall mix was good and well balanced although the strings did seem a little loud and towards the front of the mix whereas the guitars sounded bit further away.

Overall, really good track and I enjoyed your unique sound

Cheers, M
Your lead parts are really quick and snappy, very good. They stand out most for me! your chorus is also really nice and you can sing along to that very easily it stands out well. and I find the rhythm parts of your song really give the song a strong progression especially when the heavier rhythm parts come in! It almost reminds me of a blur vocal with a strange twist. and its different its not like the same old stuff you hear time and time again. Keep it up it kept me listening!

The piece was really good, I won't comment on the vocals or guitar since they were live. I feel like the snare drum could do with some variation, it sounds like the same sample over and over again. Perhaps try a different library which will vary the samples per hit to add more variety. Apart from that, It's great! I'd love to hear a studio version to give criticism on instead!
Thank you for your although palverous, highly insightful feedback on my thread!

This is certainly a unique piece. I appreciate how unadulterated your music is - in terms of the eclectic style, singing in your natural accent and the very personal lyrics. I believe this is the message which you are trying to portray too - pureness within your musical expression, which I can respect.

Though I would never listen to your music in an ambient fashion, I would enjoy to see a live performance, if you get what I mean. I think your personality and mantra are big parts of your music as a whole, which would be partly absent in a standalone recording.

I think in terms of general production there is room for improvement - often your playing in the diminished lead part is not quite in time, and the vocal dubs sound weak, perhaps because they are so similar to the lead vocal in tone. The pitch correction on your highest notes is fairly evident (unless this is a desired effect?) And in general the guitar and vocal are very dominant in the mix - some of the other instrumentation is very interesting and I feel many listeners would struggle to pick it out, which would be a shame!
This is quite good! Your accent really tops it off. Your instrumentation was excellent. I love the break. For some reason this is what I would see Stephen Merchant doing if he were a musician. Quirky, catchy, and overall very fun to listen to.
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Wow! What an unbelievably unique song. Amazing guitar work. I felt like at one minute I was listening to Dream Theater and The Beatles the next. Catchy melodies. Just a generally fun/enjoyable tune. Keep up the amazing work!
Thanks for the crit.

I love the song. It's a breath of fresh air. Love the arrangement. Production quality is decent. My only two gripes are the guitar tone and your vocals. I'd work on getting a tone that sits better in the mix and isn't so abrasive and dry. Your vocals could use some post-production. This has so much potential dude. I wish you the best of luck.
thanks for the crit of my song man! I loved the intro to this! tight playing and production. nice and strait foreword lyrics....catchy man! I liked it! you hit those high notes so good man! this almost had a classical sound at times. I don't think it needs a bridge...its the perfect length too! I did not get bored with it like allot of other songs I hear on here. really nothing negative to say on this, I like it allot man!