can someone clue me in on flat wounds please.
i'm a guitarist and part time bass player but i find bass strings are really heavy on my fingers. will flats make playing easier or should i man up and bust thru the pain?
Flats have more surface area (more friction) and more tension so they actually make playing a bit more difficult. Get a set of Rotosound Funkmasters and adjust your truss rod accordingly.
Jon is correct. Flats will not make it easier. You might try coated strings, like Elixirs.
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I've a different experience, flats are easier on the fingers. You've still got to hold them down onto the frets and that really doesn't change much but the smooth surface feels much nicer to me, they certainly ease up any problems with your picking fingers. The feel is very different too for the same gauge there is extra metal and they act like little snakes when you fit them because thy are a little more rigid. New stainless steel strings can be quite rough to start with flats feel silky in comparison.

The main difference is in the sound though, the upper harmonics are better damped in flats giving a more rounded tone, less toppy. I found that with my poppy and folky band the sound sat nicely under the rest of the band but with my rock covers band the sound just doesn't cut through as well. Everyone should try flats at some time, but for the sound not the ease.

I don't think they will achieve what you want. Try lighter strings maybe or just stick with it until bass strings start to feel natural to you.
maybe look into pressure wound or ground wound strings. i've heard good things about pressure wounds