Firstly, sorry if this is in the wrong forum.

Anyways, I need help with choosing my first keyboard/synth. I've been playing guitar near on 6 years and have finally decided I'm gonna stop being lazy and learn my second favorite instrument.
I'd be using it for mostly atmospheric/progressive metal synth sort of purposes, but i also want to learn a lot of classical pieces.
I live in Canada and i have no intention on spending more than 400 USD.
I was nearly 100% sold on the Korg Microkorg, but my biggest concern, however, is that a 3 octave keyboard would just not be suitable for learning to properly play the instrument, so i started looking in to 5 octave keyboard/synths, but I was struggling a lot to find something within my budget and something that I felt would be of the quality I'm after.
The most suitable keyboard I could find seemed to be the Korg x50, but it was just a bit more than I'd like to spend.
Anyways, I wanted advice from any keyboard players mainly on whether i should really go for a 61 key synth or if something like the microkorg would do just fine.
I'm also willing to go used / buy online.

Thanks in advance

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You will not find a synth with more than 4 octaves for less than $400 US, either expand your budget or just get a lower price digital piano.
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I'm not familiar with synths or keyboards, but I'd just like to say that it's probably not in your interest to learn classical pieces on something that's not a piano. I learned piano on a digital piano, and even that was really pushing it. I don't doubt the capabilities for velocity sensitivity on the instrument, but the touch is really different.

It's probably not that big an issue if you don't intend to perform on a real piano. Just be prepared to feel completely helpless on a real piano even though the touch memory is all there. It hurts.
Hi, I was in the same position as you, except that I was going for a live rig (you don't specify if you want to use it live or at home). I was the 2nd guitar player in a cover band, and for several classic rock or 70's prog songs, we really needed sound effects to sound more like the original record (organ, synth pads, percussion samples, brass section or choir).

I bought the Korg X50 because of several reason:
1.Price range: I found one used on ebay for 700 CAD, and haggled with it a sustain pedal and 2 MIDI cables.

2. If you want to have versatility live in a rig, you need several voices (like splitting the keyboard in 2 to have a piano on the first 3 octaves and brass section on the last 2 octaves. (ex: Don't stop believin' by Journey)

3.Synth non-weighted keys (unlike a piano): in my case, it was easier to learn on a non-weighted keys keyboard, and when I had to go from a sustained chord on my guitar, then quickly to a melody line on the synth, in the same song, it was easier for me to have a good velocity so the first note of the synth part would have a great punch/attack.

4.MIDI to USB: IMO, the samples included in the keyboard are more for ambient/trance/techno songs. The instrument samples are good, but not the best. With the MIDI-to-USB cable included, it was easier for me to have a little setup to use samples live, depending on our setlist. All I had to do was to bring a small laptop with a small sound card. (Ex: Du Hast, by Rammstein). I used softwares like Kontakt or Absynth.

And for you, learning classical pieces would be really difficult on a 3 octave keyboard. Weighted keys are also a must to learn piano.
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get a yamaha ypg model.

i own the 535 one, it have 76 keys and it's weighted pretty well.

you can find one for like 250 on ebay or amazon.

good luck. Especially since it's still kind of "cyber weeK"
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I'd suggest looking into a midi controller and a synth module. Both can be had for a combined price of 400 with ebay purchases. If you go uber cheap with both you can probably even get both new.

I've always been a proponent of controllers because they have multiple applications; they are easily connected to a computer and, assuming you like your controller, you can purchase several modules and utilize them all without having tons of keyboards.