Hello UG community. I've recently traded in my AC15C1 for a Vox Night Train 15 and custom cab with what appears to be a Weber Blue Dog. I really like this amp a lot more for my playing style as it just has a more taut and responsive feel and the speaker matches with the amp well. However, I find that the guy didn't build a very heavy cabinet and it's a bit boxy on the lows. Nice mids and highs, but no oompth. I like the overall EQ and gain structure of the Night Train much better, but my AC15C1 had an admittedly more rumbling low end at volume. Could a different cab with a more low end voiced speaker help me out?

My budget isn't high, but I was thinking of an Orange ppcc112 or some Avatar 1x12 or 2x12 with my choice of speakers. A 1x12 would be preferable, but 2x12 would be fine. Power handling as also an issue, as I wouldn't mind having higher wattage heads in the future.
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You're using a 15w EL84 amp not designed to give you much omph, you're not gonna get THAT much omph anyway.

For more bass I'd suggest a jensen blackbird, possibly in a custom closed back oversized cab.

What kinda music are you gonna play with it anyway?
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