Hi all,

A few months ago I purchased a Roland Cube 20x amp from ebay second hand. Having used PC software for a while prior to getting this amp I have little understanding of amps in general. The issue I am having is after playing for about 5 minutes one of the effects reverb/delay comes on automatically without me touching the effects dial. This is obviously a very fustrating issue for someone trying to learn the guitar. Wanted to post this here to see if anyone else has had this issue with the same or similar amp and if so what steps were taken to get it fixed? Want to get as much infomation on the proplem as possible before I take it to a music store to see if they can fix it.

Thanks in advance, Alex.
The Roland Cube uses COSM digital modelling, so yours is the kind of issue that is hard to diagnose and to fix unless you have a profound knowledge of electronics. Taking it to a professional tech is your best bet.
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Is it just the Delay/Reverb or does the Modulation (EFX) parameter activate as well?

Make sure that the dials are completely off. I do know that if you hook up a switch pedal like a piano's sustain or the Boss FS-5U you can control distortion or EFX switching through the "Foot SW" port. Maybe something is stuck/broke off in there and it is causing the amp to switch it on.

If you're able to, just try putting on a bit of reverb or delay to see if that solves the problem.
Thanks for all the replies.

Its just the delay/reverb that comes on automatically the other effects stay off. Tried a foot switch to see if that would help, this only switches the amp from lead to clean and vice versa. I will play around with the delay/reverb switch a little more when I get a chance to see if it helps at all, looks like the my best bet is to have someone with expertise to take a look.

Thanks again guys, very helpful. Alex

That's the effects section, right?
The light seems to be for the other effects, chorus, etc.
Maybe keep both on the "off" setting.

Is it possible someone saved a patch with the effects on and you just switch to it?

I'd try to spray a little bit of contact cleaner on that knob and work it in just to see what happens. I'm thinking the "off" function might be acting up where the switch is intermittent but that'd be my next guess.

About the footswitch - you probably had the wrong cable, Roland suggest the PCS-31 cable which is I believe a stereo cable, tip select means you switch the channel, ring - fx means the ring controls the fx, which if yours didin't do it, most likely you either had the wrong footswitch of wrong cable. I think if you push the mono cable only halfway to connect with the ring only you might be able to switch fx on/off as a test.
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