Hello everyone, yesterday I accidentally knocked down my friends' PA system and made a deep crack in the lacquer. What is the easiest and the most accurate way to fix it?
Thanks in advance.

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if it is lacquer and not polyurethane you can drop fill the lacquer in a few various ways. Clear nail polish for example or krazy (not super) glue and sand/polish to about 2000 grit and then buff it.

thankfully it's black underneath by the looks of it so there is a few ways to "color match" it. I'm sure an expert on this can help with this more than me but buffing is super easy. A bit of an investment but the tools pay for itself. You can polish cars to furniture with this knowledge.

since we're going to be using krazy glue prepare the PA system. Put tape or something so no glue gets anywhere but the affected areas. I'll try my best to explain drop filling. Double check and see that it is Lacquer and not polyurethane. Polyurethane you can't drop fill and get professional results.

1)- apply the krazy glue over the affected area and you want it to over flow slightly.
2)- be patient and let it harden

3)- sand 400 grit , 600 , 800, 1000 , 1500, 2000. Anything above 999 grit I use wet you'll notice the scratches get smaller and smaller. The more grits you go from the better your results. I'm mentioning everything for a reason. I usually skip 800 though. You get the super fine sand papers like what we're using in automotive places.
*level the glue with the rest of the finish with 400 then use the rest to make the scratches smaller and smaller.

4) - get a shop cloth (or old t-shirt you don't care for) and polishing compound - turtlewax has it and it's a small green circular tub of it. It's a brown chocolaty substance. Apply it to a shop cloth and polish just the affected area. You can do this by hand if you're on a budget a few times. The trick is to use force if you do it by hand but use discretion.
*clean the polishing compound off after doing so. You want a clean surface

for absolutely professional results
5) - using a special drill with a foam polishing pad or a orbital palm polisher (hardware stores sell them to apply wax on cars) and some "swirl and scratch remover" apply some of this car wax to the affected area. Before you turn on the polisher dab the wax down flat so it doesn't splatter everywhere. Turn the polisher on with some force but don't try to push into the PA system hard enough to break it of course. After 3-5 minutes feel the area you polished and see if it's hot to the touch. If it is let it cool down and then look at it in the light to see if the very fine scratches are gone

BMW uses this method to guitar builders. Finish is finish. Good luck.
Tallwood13, thanks a lot for your instructions! You've been very helpful.

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Any time. Believe it or not I learned how to do this on youtube. Some guy was painting a motor cycle or something along those lines so sometimes it's strange where we learn certain things right?