The production is pretty solid. It sounds like an old school death metal mix, instead of a modern, over-compressed sound. The song in general sounds like it could be one of Dethklok's earlier songs. Two things I'd like to point out: I thought that the clean "Let it go..." part was a little too weird and random for this song. I also thought that the vocal delivery of some of the lyrics was a little awkward. The vocals themselves are really good though.

Care to check out my song? It's a metal instrumental, with hints of black metal, prog, and other stuff. Let me know what you think on my thread, if you don't mind. Hangman For Hire
Thanks for the critique - much appreciated.
For the master, I used Vladislav Goncharov's Limiter No6 - really pleased with that unit!
Haha those rakes in the beginning have got to be the sweetest thing I've heard all year.

Great song guys. Cool European take on American styled death metal.
Love the sound of this mix, it sounds really full and fat.

The lyrics of the song are pretty cool as well. Not much wrong with this song at all, the only thing I woulda changed is the clean vocals if I'm honest, they where a bit jarring.

Overall though, it's a really solid song.
If you fancy returning the favour, C4C here: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=33149460#post33149460
Thanks, I'm quite pleased with the mix. Could perhaps have wanted a bit more loudness, which is difficult without compressing too much.

Had some fun with the "cleans"/gang shouts or whatever one wants to call them. Don't seem to appeal to all though.

Will check out your song!
Thanks aaron!
Yeah, the growl sort of is part and parcel of the style. We all have our preferences and I certainly appreciate the positive comment on the instrumental part from a fellow musician! Will check out your work!