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Before I get started I want to make it clear that I know I will never find anything that is perfection, and searching around for years for the "perfect" guitar would be an endless and pointless journey. But if you know any guitars that fit my preferences, or are somewhat close (they don't have to be perfect, as I've said), then PLEASE let me know.
thanks in advance

The criteria:
  • 24 frets
  • "warm" sounding tone (I've heard maple+mahogany is great, even though maple is "bright")
  • old, used or at least nothing super shiny or flashy
  • solid-body
  • left-handed (although i suppose i could restring it, but I've heard that's a bad idea)
  • electric (obviously)
  • if it comes in sunburst colour that'd be great (it takes away the brightness)
  • my budget atm is £400 ($630/€500). very low i know, but i can definitely wait and save up for as long as it takes
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