Hello guys! I'm a new member here, so pardon me if I do smth wrong.

This is my attempt to write songs. It's just a hobby.

I will appreciate any thoughts about it. I know, my vocal is awful but I'm working on it.

One more thing, which is very important for me to know is that I'm not native english speaker and all my friends told me that my pronunciation in that song is awful. Is that true guys?

Thank you very very much!

Here is a song:


(can't make a hyperlink srry)
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The guitar is recorded pretty well, and it sounds great, even if it's very simple. It's not my kind of song, but it sounds like it has potential to be a nice, mellow song.

Like you said, the vocals aren't great. I assume you want to sing in English because that's who most of your audience is? That's fine, and there are some online courses that can help you to learn a different accent (if you want to).

Keep working on it, and good luck!

Want to check out my song? It's a metal instrumental (no vocals). Let me know what you think. Hangman For Hire