Hi! I have been learning how to play the blues scale and all the shapes in the key of E minor and there is not that many great backing tracks on youtube in the key of e minor, so if I find any backing track online and change they key with audacity does it work well? Will soloing in the key of E blues sound correct with the change in the program? thanks for any help.
Go ahead! The backing track will decrease in quality because of the way digital audio works, but you will nevertheless be able to solo over it.

Your problem seems odd though - E minor is one of the most common guitar keys and there are hundreds of backing tracks available on YouTube. Try "Little Wing backing track" - it's a great one to solo over.

If you find a great backing track that you wanna solo over, learn the appropriate scale and give it a shot. No need to stay chained to E!

Good luck!
^ I agree. I would be surprised if there were no backing tracks in Em. Em and Am must be the most common "guitar keys" so I would expect there to be lots of backing tracks in those keys.

The shapes for all blues scales are the same. They just start with a different note.

For example this is the basic position of E blues scale:


If you start it with some other note, for example the 5th fret of E string, you get the A blues scale. It's the same shape.


Of course this is just one shape. You need to do the same thing with the other shapes.
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If your computer uses the HD realtek audio manager you can raise or lower the pitch of all the sound your outputting without having to download the mp3 from youtube and all of that.

open your start menu and search realtek hd audio manager, open it, go to the sound effects tab, in the bottom right where it says karaoke you can raise or lower the pitch in intervals of half steps.

It doesn't sound amazing but it will get the job done and is quicker than doing it by hand.