Hi guys!

I'm taking a break from my Ibanez project (money problems)

And focussing a little more on getting my guitar kit started (SG)
However my lack of knowledge on what paint etc to use is really letting me down.

I'm dying to get the red mahogany look of SG, yes the most common but it looks so purty!

Can anyone give me any hints/tips on how to achieve this colour and finish? Will also help me on future projects as well, many thanks.
sullys guitar garage has an excellent youtube series. LMII.com for the dye. I forget what it's exactly called as it's been years but this is a big point in the right direction.

he builds guitars on youtube from scratch and I learned a lot from him. What is great is he gets back to emails and messages personally.
Analine dyes is what your wanting its what I use.
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