I bought this head about 18 months ago with a Marshall 1960b cab for £100. The cab is a late 70's with G12H30's in it, which was what I wanted, but my mate didn't want to split them, so I got this too.
This is the link to my flickr acount, you should be able to scroll through. I worked when I got it, but didn't use it. Just wondered what people thought of this. I'm gonna get it safety tested so I know I'm safe to plug into it. It looks like it has 3 Tungsgram EL34's & 1 Edicrom one, one preamp is unbranded, one is a Brimar ECC83, the last is a Mullard ECC83.
As it cost me so little I might use it to experiment with stacking dirt pedals, the other question is can I jump the channels, like an old Marshall, to use both channels together (it has a bright & normal channel) to get some vintage grunt out of it? Or I could use it as a BIG doorstop!!!
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