Realized by the help with LP thread that I've never showed this off here. It's a Traditional Pro II Goldtop. Has the thick 50's neck. Pickups are the Super 57 in the bridge and 57 Classic in the neck. It's a great player and super solid. The pickups are awesome and can do it all from great cleans to metal. It also has a push/push pots on both volumes for coil splits and on one of the tones for a 10db boost. It also has locking grovers which help it stay in tune great. It's a great mix of traditional LP and modern touches. Here are some pics.

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Sweet! One cannot go wrong with a Gold Top Les Paul! Enjoy it!
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I'm disappointed. I thought this was gonna be about an album you recorded

Gold top, pickguard and metal tuners = sweet looking Les Paul.
I don't know why you're giving it to me for free but thanks!
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very nice
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Nice gold top. It's next on my list.

After a nice 335 and a tele
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After a nice 335 and a tele

Same here! I've been GASing hard for those

Congrats on the goldtop, TS.
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