So my friend and i were trying to tune his floyd rose mounted guitar and well we forgot to use the keys, long story short after tuning it without touching the keys, we pulled on the whammy bar and something in the mechanism obviously broke.
Does anyone have any idea how much its repair would cost?
take some photos it'll help us figure it out. Not much goes on in a floyd rose and I can only think of a small handful of situations.

pretty much the string pressure is what keeps the bridge on the guitar so my first idea just assuming is the mounting studs. Because what is under the backplate of a floyd rose is 3-5 springs, a metal thing to hold the springs called the claw and the bottom of the floyd rose.

idealistically you want to
have the guitar in tune (a given)
the locking nut on and the clamps down securely with the long end of the allen key
you want both the studs to be touching the knife edges of the bridge
pretty much it's the tension of the strings and the weight you're compensating with the springs that keep the bridge on. It's really simple. I tried explaining it to someone on here.

if strings pop off or whatever on the floyd rose secure them with the string locks and tighten with the long end of the allen key but finish with the short end another quarter turn for the best results.

but again hopefully it's something small and fixable. I've only seen a few broken floyd roses in my small workshop as I repair guitars as a side business.
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I'm not sure what you mean by you didn't touch the keys. You tuned it with the fine tuners only? There isn't really much that can break per say on a floyd. The only thing I've ever had break was a locking screw, snapped when I was trying to loosen it. Whoever owned it before put it on too tight.
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