Warning: video linked below includes egotism, self promotion and middle-aged man dreads.

In the latest Chapman video, he takes a pretty quick walk through the World Musical Instrument Co factory in Korea. While his motivations are pretty transparent it's still an interesting look into the factory which produces a large number of the import brands we all discuss.

LPT: stop watching at 4.20 to avoid condescending reflection time.

to try and avoid yet another rob chapman debate, let's just say many here feel he misleads youtube viewers by labelling product placement and self promotion of chapman guitars as reviews. personally i like his videos but i can see why people don't like his approach and find him annoying. use the search to find many more pages of opinion.

As for his guitars, i've never played so will reserve judgement but i've heard relatively good things. There are plenty of other options in the price category though so each person will have their preference. If they're produced to the same standards of the ESP LTD and PRS SE which you can see in the video then that is promising.

back on topic... does anyone know what the machine pressing the frets purpose was? It seemed like quite uncontrolled process for such a key area of the guitar. It was also interesting to see that amount of hand crafted components there were i was expecting a few more mass production machines.
Ok Cheers!
I thought the fret installation was a bit manic too. It seemed very ham fisted, although I'm sure it was fine. It was interesting to see the different tiers of guitars produced together, it appears to be pretty much the same thing, then companies just market them differently(obviously) but if they're all in the same batch it would be interesting to note the price and quality difference.
Well, the fret-installation portion of the video started off at normal speed, and then was sped up. That may have given you the impression that it was "manic".
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very cool look inside world music for sure. thanks for posting.
I wondered why the frisbee was getting bigger, then it hit me.
That factory didn't appear nearly as big or high tech as I assumed it would be for the number of guitars they produce. I didn't realize LTDs and Schecters were made there too; so if a guitar is made is South Korea does it come from this factory or are there any others. Agile's made here too?
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for those who don't want to go near his channel on youtube, Day 2 is quite a bit longer, a bit more chapman guitar focussed but goes into some real detail on some of the body shaping and building processes used by all the brands:

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I have a chapman and it's indeed a terrific guitar for the price. The pickups aren't the best around but in overall quality I have absolutely no complaints.

But .. I agree with jecooper86, I'm finding Rob more annoying than before.