That's a really nice song. The leads fit perfectly, and the riffs are nice and tight. If this song is meant to only be an instrumental, I'd suggest you shake up the song a bit. Each individual part was great, but it was pretty formulaic in the way that it repeated a few times with no big changes. Try changing keys or meter at some point. But like I said, the music itself was very solid.

I also write instrumentals using EZdrummer2. Can you please check out my latest song Hangman For Hire? Let me know what you think in my thread (or on Soundcloud).
I think my band is going to play it eventually so it'll probably have vocals at some point, if that doesn't happen I'm planning to rewrite some of the leads so it's not as repetitive. Just leaving room for my singer right now. Will check out your tune when I get home. Thanks for the comment!