Hope this is the correct forum for this!

Anyway I have a question about the chord structure and progressions used by Slash ( and I guess Izzy ) all over AFD.

What type of chord progression is it, not just 1 IV V etc. But how are the fills and "extra" bits added. Take for example Nightrain type progressions etc. It seems like it's part power chord and part "twiddle" to get the funky rhythm type sound.

But how is it derived?

Many thanks.
This type of thing:

Pm . . . . .
Is that from Nightrain?

The verse riff of Nightrain is just one chord and they just play "around" the chord. The tab you posted uses notes from the Am7 chord. It's just the chord and some "fill notes". And those fill notes fit the Am pentatonic scale. And as I said, they are all chord tones of Am7 (A C E G). How to come up with a riff like this? I don't know. If you have a chord progression, just add some "fill notes". Don't just strum the chords but use chord tones and notes in your key scale. Add a rhythm to it (and that's important). Use your ears - that's the main point.

Just think about a rhythm and try to play it on your guitar. It may sound boring if you strum the rhythm with one power chord. So add some fill notes. The most common fill notes are the fifth, third and seventh. They all fit the chord. You could also use the minor pentatonic scale (for example if you are in A minor, use A minor pentatonic). But yeah, listen to it. Use your ears. And if you hear something in your head, try to play it on the guitar. Your ears are best at telling what sounds good and what doesn't.
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That riff is the A Minor pentatonic scale. Sometimes played in single notes, sometimes played with multiple notes at the same time (i.e. a chord).

So to answer your question- learn a scale, and instead of playing single notes all the time, mix it up a little.
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