Since everyone can buy anything they want online to modify their guitars what if Ibanez sold a guitar with the bare essentials. I used to be on kijiji and craigslist every day and you'd always see an ibanez or 9 that had all kinds of upgraded parts in it and it got me thinking, why not cut the middle man out. Get the right bare knuckle or dimarzio pickups kids think they need after playing for 36 hours total. Some quality tuners and a bridge they all decide.

so maybe 2 or 3 base models for $500 american (lets say). Perfectly painted, the frets all leveled and the rest is up to us what we do hardware wise. I've seen a few guys do this idea with gibsons they refurbished or stripped down but for a production company to do this right away would be excellent.

regular ibanez headstock - regular or reverse headstock
10mm tuner holes
a floyd rose locking nut or a regular nut
24 frets
dots or shark tooth inlays
maple or rosewood necks - ebony would be extra
a wizard 2 or wizard 3 neck
bolted on properly
no pickups installed
no electronics installed or knobs included
routed for a tremolo or string through with a tune-o-matic
all the backplates, screws and so forth.
basswood body
2 or 3 basic colors to choose from to if there's any interest.
a few wiring diagrams would be provided for ideas as well with this.

I'd add one or two small differences between this and other production models so they stand out and people know they are RG zeros

so the big question would anyone buy this?
Interesting idea, so a bare bones kit in other words?
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Its a good idea i guess, but i think that the super modified ibanez's are some older models, where the owner just switched the parts that wore out or broke over time, or cheapre models with crap pickups and bridges. Upper or even high-middle end models have hardware on them, that is good enough on their own, and i doubt anyone buys a new 1000$ guitar and then replaces the tuners and the bridge just because he like original floyd rose better than the edge pro or whatever. I guess it would be cool if they just made a hardtail and floating bridge versions without pickups, so that you could install the ones you want, and sold them for like 500$. But even then, i doubt there would be much of a market for those.
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yeah totally bare bones was the idea. I figure the way it would be a great way to learn how to assemble a guitar or just save some hassle selling off parts some of us will never use.

oddly enough 3-4 years ago I emailed Dean Zelinsky when he went solo and made up DBZ guitars and we talked a bit. Had a concept for a new kind of capo and he got back to me personally which is very admirable. Long story short a few months later I emailed him again and said imagine selling a warm up guitar with just a bridge and tuners. Like this or that shape in his line but very bare bones. No routing or anything besides tuners bridges. The neck would be perfectly fretted and a nut as well. lmao safe to say that idea never went through.