I've been playing guitar since I was about 10-11 years old (now 25). I started out acoustic but have drifted over to more electric playing now. I own acoustics....I just don't want her learning on my expensive Gibson's...for their safety!

Anywho, I have a budget of around $200-300.

Looking for a nice solid 6-string acoustic for an absolute beginner...one that can take a drop here or there.

Cheap but not too cheap that the sound quality in my price range is diminished and such. I want her to sound somewhat decent as she learns to help motivate her.

Any suggestions would be helpful and I appreciate any of you that do help as I start my search!
My roommate purchased a Takamine Jasmine to learn on, fairly bright sounding, a bit more compressed than a Taylor 110 id say, and the tension was a tad high for me (I fingerpick), but it definitely played far better than most of the starter instruments in that range, and he got it for around $100 or so I believe on Amazon. It seemed fairly reliable, stayed in tune when I borrowed it and there were no intonation issues or anything from the factory, so Id say give it a shot.
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i'd suggest a yamaha FG700 or FG720, and the all laminate yamaha F335 is nice, also. you might also consider a recording king solid top - i like their 000 sized guitars a lot.

i'm not a fan of jasmines myself, but your wife might like them. they do seem decently made.
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Pick out one of these. A fine player for very little dough.

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Thanks everyone! I'll put together some pictures and specs for her see what she is leaning toward! Much appreciated!
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Check out Alvarez guitars. I got one last Xmas and its sounds amazing. I got the AD60 model for $319. Fantastic solid spruce top,mahogany back and sides acoustic. Give it a try, you wont be sorry!!


Ok, so I threw this one in last second...I made her a little slideshow with specs and pictures...She really liked this one. This is almost 100% the one I'll be buying her, she could change her mind between today and tomorrow (you all know how women can be sometimes).

Kind of a nice little experiment putting together specs and picture slideshow to see if what I've been teaching her here and there has sunk in any. lol Thank you all once again!