I just got a new guitar recently and this is my first time using a hipshot.

I've got the right size allen key and even did a slight action adjustment earlier today to lower the action just slightly.

I usually like my guitar action to be as low as possible without fret-buzz.

What do you recommend I do... Just keep lowering the action until I get buzz, and then slightly raise it back up until the buzz disappears?

That's what I would do if it were a TOM, but I heard with hipshots you have to do adjustments with the radius in mind... I don't exactly know how to interpret that though.

The radius on my guitar is 14 inches.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.
You've got it right. The part about the radius is just to remember the inside saddles will have to be higher than the outside to keep with the fretboard radius, TOM's are naturally like this and you can only adjust height on each side instead of every string.
The D and G will be higher (maybe not by much) due to the arc in the neck. Really it's still just setting it like you said, until it doesn't buzz, just don't be thrown off by the visual of the saddles being higher in the center of the bridge (look at a TOM from the tail piece and you'll see an arc in it)