I'm not too familiar with the Cort brand but after trying out the Earth 200 briefly I bought it because I liked the tone and sustain. I should've spent more time with it before buying it however because after doodling on it a bit more at home I noticed that fretting barre accords was quite the strain on the low frets(1-2).

Has anybody else experienced the same issue with their Cort guitar and if so, were you able to solve the issue?
No. I've played quite a few Cort guitars over the years and all have been OK.

I would suggest you have a set up done (or do it yourself) - it could be that the nut slots need attention.
Yep, I agree, have it set up by a good tech. Sounds to me like nut slots might be too high too.
Hmmm...I wonder what this button does...