Does anyone else's wrist tendon on their fretting hand look a little bigger than the other one? Like the tendon in the middle. I dont know if it is just my tendonitis or if it is because it is just stronger haha.
Actually, the tendons on my fretting hand are a lot larger, but mine is different from yours.
There are three tendons right? The two tendons on the outside are very large, so large that I can no longer see the tendon in the middle, I got scared when I found out because I thought I only had 2 tendons while my right hand has 3.
On my picking hand however, the middle tendon seems to be protruding more.

This is so odd. Another thing is my fretting hand thumb can stretch back more than my picking hand thumb, the result of fretting offcourse. XD
Yeah my fretting middle tendon is protruding more too.

I assume it was the case with guitarists but i didnt know for sure haha