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Tab Help - DOWNER (Tool flavored) Band - Guitar & some Bass

I am not a good tabber, but trying to learn. Mt hearing is not the best and that with my limited experience really puts a kinking my abilities.

I am surprised the old hard-rock/metal band DOWNER from CA back in the late 90's doesn't even have 1 tab on here.

Songs are relatively simple, but catching (especially back then) with a Tool flavor, which may be why the appealed to me.

Anyway seem like easy, fun songs to play as bass and guitar, live looping, over dubbing and recording practice, etc.

Can anyone tab these of help be get started? I don't think it is any crazy down tuned guitar, maybe just Drop D or something since it is fairly old.

Here is the album and the songs on YouTube:

I am mainly interested in guitar but bass on some would be awesome.

Here are the main ones I'd like to start with:

1 - Mud Bath (guitar & bass)

2 - Curbed

3 - Punching Bag

4 - Ventilation

5 -Savior (guitar & bass)

Here is more info on the band and members:

Thanks far any help in advance guys!!!!

Great Place here. Im a Tab Pro Lifetime member!

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