So I've been playing guitar for a few years now, and in my time I've changed the strings on guitars plenty of times.
Today however, I changed the strings on an old squire strat I bought off of a friend for £30, and I completely messed up changing the strings, the high E just popped right off, didn't snap. The others seem to be okay, but i cant understand what the hell I did wrong. Now the E string wont go back on either, just keeps coming off. Is there anything I did wrong perhaps, or is it because the guitar needs a set up?
Thanks in advance
where does it "pop off"?

if its from the tuner, then you may have cut the string too short. i would recommend at least 2-3 windings around the machine head.

also see this:
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Thanks! It was too short. Glorious waste of a string. Does anyone else have issues with the kluson style machine heads?
I find the best way to wrap the string is to keep it pressed down and held in place while the string wraps down the head. I put through a pretty good amount of extra string and have it wrap 4-5 times.
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If you do this you can get away with a single wrap around the post:

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