I am looking at getting a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 and a Rode NT1A or a Sure SM58.

I know the two mics are different but someone has recommended the Sure for recordings as well as performance so I will look into it despite leaning towards the Rode condenser.

Do you think these are worthy candidates for recording vocals and acoustic guitar for Youtube?
You'll get more help if you post in the Recordings sub-forum.

Also, you should state what exactly your needs are. Do you only need to record? Are you recording only guitars? Are you using the mic for live sound?

If you're only worried about recording guitars, live or home, I would recommend the Shure SM57, or sennheiser E609. Both are pretty standard guitar mic's, and are about the same price. I haven't used the Scarlett interface, but it gets great reviews. Supposedly has the best converters and pre-amps, at that price point.
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Quote by red.guitar
You'll get more help if you post in the Recordings sub-forum.


Start by reading the stickies, there's recommendations for everything you'll need to get started.
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Go for the 2i4 rather than the 2i2. The 2i4 has pad switches for instruments going direct in. as much as the advertisements and info from focusrite say you can do this with the 2i2, you can't without it clipping the signal. I bought the 2i2 and had to buy a separate DI box soon afterwards.