Hello all,

I have a Hagstrom Viking Deluxe which I have owned for 3.5 years. I bought it used from a mandolin player who never really played it, I don't know it's total age, but the guy had it for at least a year or two.

When I bought it, there were two cracks; one in the neck over the white trim used where the fretboard would be visible, and one in the neck/body joint. These have never been a problem in the past; I always keep my guitar in my house or within a couple metres of me to prevent damage. I have a hardshell case when not in use.

About two days ago, I noticed a crack on the body of the guitar (first image). It scares me because it goes from the joint and out into the body, making me worried about structural issues. I am not too concerned about the 'looks' as the crack is invisible if you are not playing the guitar.

Yesterday I noticed the crack seen in the 2nd and 3rd image. As I said previously, the neck originally had a crack in the white trim beside the fretboard, but the crack has expanded into the neck.

I can feel the cracks physically with my fingers. I have not made any truss rod adjustments for half a year now; I made the changes when I went from 12-60 gauge to 11-56 gauge strings. The bridge has been raised and lowered here and there.

I will take more pictures and compare them to see if the cracks are expanding. If they are not, is this something to be worried about? Would it be possible to remove the scratches? I suppose worst case scenario is that the guitar snaps, but how likely is this to happen?

Thanks, link to images below