Hi all,

Today i quickly recorded (with my fellow musician) the first full song we wrote/composed for a new project currently named Primitus.

Please give me and my partner constructive criticism and honest feedback!

(bare in mind it was recorded in a shed!)

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This song has a lot of potential! I like the composition and the character of the voice, but unfortunately the recording ruins the experience for me; levels need to be controlled and some reverb added, just for starters. Experiment also with other guitar sounds and the arrangement of the "lead" guitar. And also, the guitars need tuning...

But as I said, behind the recording a killer song is likely to hide! It definitely deserves to be re-recorded and have some more effort put into it when it comes to production! Get back on it!

Now, this is most certainly not your style of music but please feel free to check my latest song out here: Suffer the Consequence - Atheos
Thanks for the great feedback guys!

There will definitely be a more superior recording coming out at some point, this recording was recorded in one take for each instrument and each piece of vocals were done in 2 or 3 takes, so it was most definitely not up to studio scratch (recorded even using Audacity )
But all of your feedback will definitely follow-through when we develop the song further!
Immediately entranced by the deliciously dreamy softly jangling textures. The trailing trippy vibe is continued by the pleasantly gentle vocal, delivered with a wild whimsy and a lucid lyricism that totally compliments the pondering passion. The piece organically develops and ripens into more earthy expressions with shades of gutsy soul.
Although the production is not technically perfect, this does not distract from the overall effect, which is carried by the accomplished arrangement and strong honest heartfelt singing.
As previously said, if this was re-recorded to a professional standard it could be a hit, as all the basic ingredients and talent are evident.

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for your first recording ever, i say great job! good sense of melody, good lyrics, good guitar playing ect. I think you have a lot of musical potential if this is what you are just starting out with. and despite recording this in a shed, its really not a bad recording quality! I've definitely heard worse. you should make a full band arrangement of this song for sure.

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Thanks for the incredible feedback guys! We are currently looking at booking studio time in order to try and do our song a bit more justice, you have no idea how encouraging your feedback has been everyone.

If anyone else has any more criticism, suggestions etc it would be incredibly useful! Anything to help us develop on our path as musicians.