I'm fairly new to guitar and amp settings, effect pedals etc...
I have an old amp, and a couple of new pedals, but I'm limited in what I can do without dishing out a good amount of money to get all the stuff. I have been using Garageband and making my own amp settings, but in order to record covers I need to mess around with the amps/pedals for a long time before I can find the right combos.

TLDR: Is there a collection of garageband settings that mimic famous guitarists settings? Is it possible to download and load amp settings used by others on garageband?

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^ I don't think you can load AU's in garageband.

No there's no such collection of presets.
Try everything and find something that sounds good.

Also a single guitar track alone will not sound like stuff you hear in a studio - double track the part you're able to double track and mix stuff good.
If you do that the majority of tones will sound good if they fit the mix.
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