Recently I was influenced by a new to me UK band called Royal Blood.

They sport a 2 man set up with Drums and a Bass player/vocalist. The Bass rig is pretty cool, using a couple of POG 2's and a couple of BOSS Harmonizers, along with seperate guitar and bass amps, to create a huge sounding Bass/Guitar tone from one instrument.

An example of their stuff is here for those who haven't heard it:


I wanted a bit of that so I did some research, and put this together.

Basically, it's an ABY pedal. It's got a simple buffer circuit on each output to combat tone loss, and a momentary mute switch on each output too. Just thought that would be a handy addition for those times when 2 stomps in quick succession is a little difficult.

I recorded this quick snippet earlier. Excuse the terrible quality. I didn't have the time to set everything up as I would have liked, plus my current lack of bass amp made it difficult anyway.


If you're interested in what I used then the rig description is in the link too.

Just thought I'd share this, as I'm pretty proud of it.

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