damn dude this is good shit. black keys with a hint of muse in there.

what equipment do you use? microphones/interface/program? and do you drum yourself its pretty nice. really catchy structure
Phenomenal playing and composition! The retro reverb effect is totally spot on for this song.
I like it as an instrumental, but would be good to hear with vocals - I'm sure it would rock!
Wow. What fantastic responses! Was not expecting that so thank you guys.

Black Keys wasn't something I heard until you fellows pointed it out so I can totally hear it. Muse on the other hand is definitely an influence for this song.

As for the recording side, I used my Rickenbacker 330 and a shitty bass guitar I have lol. Straight into an interface and ran into GarageBand. The drums are sadly programmed as I couldn't get to my drum kit at 1am in the morning when I finished this.

As for vocals, they're definitely in mind as I saw this as a song but wanted to put the instrumental up for critique on the production and structure. Seems to have gone well so I'll start work on vocal melodies and lyrics and harmonies.

Thanks again for listening!