An epically ambitious piece of symphonic structure, moving through tense tenebrous moods with some beautiful releases into brighter dreamier textures. Excellent contrasts between conventional diatonic harmonies and more atonal motives spark and spur this clever composition. The performances and production are superb, creating thick chunky meaty and muscular textures that are never crowded, convoluted or muddy.
The guitar playing is of the highest standard, making technically difficult passages sound and look easy. The guttural growling vocal is well delivered, and totally suitable to this style.
Mighty movements of melancholy and reflection create a dignity in despair and a proudly saturnine expression.
The video is creative and entertaining.

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Thank you guys I really appreciate the comments and also the fact that you took the time to listen my friend did the vocals on this one! glad you enjoyed, looking forward to these forums!
this is killer dude, EVERYTHING about this song is killer. the rhythm guitar riffs provide a great mood, and guitar solos are ALL really damn great. love the melodic licks that you included as well around the middle and end of the song, they help create a much more dynamic death metal song. also, that puppet in the video is funny as hell! the drumming sounds good too, was it superior drummer? great job all around, keep writing heavy shit!

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thanks for looking man, I tried to add a bit more melody than my pasts songs, and explore a bit more with different things. The new one I'm working on now is a bit different as well. I did use Superior Drummer on this wish I could play the drums! I'll check out your song as well.
There isn't much I can say that hasn't been said already. This is a really solid track. Everything flows well and sounds great. Very good soloing. Thanks for checking out my track earlier!