Hey guys, so I've been wanting to get rid of my blues junior, and go for a vox amp lately,(I really don't like the tone of the Blues) and I am hoping to go low wattage because I'm leaving for college next fall and I really won't have much room for a huge tube amp, but I also need to be able to gig with the amp. If I mic the ac4 Special, would it be loud enough? I love the way the amp sounds!
Any amp is loud enough if you mic it. My buddy's main gigging amp is an Epi Valve Jr and just mics it up
where are you looking for as far as tone?
open to used?
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Unless you can mic it up every gig/rehearsal don't go for a 4 watt amp. You wont be able to hear yourself very well and you'd have to crank it to even have a possibility of being heard.

If you can mic, go for it. otherwise look for a AC15.
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