"After all we've told you about amplifiers, you go out and buy one of the worst Fender amps? How ignorant!"

-For the condition of the amp, I can't really give a full review. I just wanted to give my opinion on the amp from what I can gather, and to discuss it.-

Interesting story about this amp. I was given stewardship of the FM 212R from my Church, because I did not have a proficient amp at the time. This was maybe 3, 4 years ago. It's been sitting backstage for the majority of the time since because the reverb doesn't work nor does the distortion switching. It's permanently stuck on "more drive", or whichever the red light is.

Cathbard once said:
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The Frontman is one of the few amps that is actually worse than an MG.

And considering the shape my FM 212R is in right now, I'd agree that it's worse than the MG I've played. Although both seem to be equally broken, as the MG's pots are scratchy, glitchy, and the outs buzz like Satan's razor. Sounds dull too.

But I wonder if I just got a bad 212R. I wonder if the previous owner sold the Church a "lemon" amp, knowing it would fail soon. Is the FM 212R considered bad because of it's build quality? If so, I'd agree.


Tonight, I fired her up for the first time in a few years.


Okay, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration. But the amp didn't sound bad, like I was expecting. Even with the distortion at one and the volume at 2, it sounded warm and workable. I could push the amp's overdrive further with my pedalboard, and I did. And it sounded darn good, considering the state of the amp.

Eventually, I made this video involving some vintage, echoplex-like effects, also utilizing the amp's natural perma-stuck OD to my advantage. And yes, it sounds better live. Any clipping that doesn't sound like normal OD is from the mic. I used the Micro POG, the Soul Food (for lead), the RP-155 for the modulated slap-back delay and the reverb, and the Analogizer to extend the echoplex-ing.


I could understand how heavy distortion can completely throw this amp off its balance. Why Fender even included a "more drive" option on this amp makes no sense. It doesn't even look reminiscent of a high-gain amp, and it doesn't sound like it either. It is really meant for crunchy, warm overdrive. And it does a pretty good job of it.

It was able to take my super-post-rock pedal settings fairly well, although I had to cut back on the amp's EQ to reduce the amp's OD. The RP-155 made up for EQ loss. I also had to boost the volume to keep the tone clean until I wanted it dirty. Nothing that wasn't manageable though.

The video I made showcases the amp's best capabilities. I do wish I could switch to the lighter distortion channel, but as a Jazz-combo amp, it works just fine with some adjustment. Imagine if she was in prime condition.

If you want a fairly cheap, loud, solid state amp, consider the FM 212R. It takes pedals well, has variable distortion, and works marvelously as a crunchy-combo amp.

So if you want to, you can tell me how wrong I am, how right I am, how bad my playing is, how good my playing is, how to fix the amp, how to throw away the amp, etc. in the comments. c:
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I don't think there's anyone on earth who needs a good, ol' fashion, tube amp more than you. Do you live near Cleveland? If so, maybe I'll give you one for Christmas.
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I don't think there's anyone on earth who needs a good, ol' fashion, tube amp more than you. Do you live near Cleveland? If so, maybe I'll give you one for Christmas.

Haha :p No I don't live near there. Hopefully I'll get me a good, ol' fashion tube amp soon.
How long have you been playing?

Sounds great man!
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Nice playing HNAD!
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