Hi folks,
I've recently managed to pick up a half-stack and I'm looking at starting to record with hardware as opposed to VSTs (thank christ).
I live in a flat and therefore don't want to be too loud. Obviously I plan to make use of having a cab to mic, but I'm curious about running out of the preamp into my interface, then using a cab impulse. However, I know that amps are designed to have a load on them when they run and I'm curious how best to circumvent this. If I run straight out of the FX out into the interface, will that work? Or failing that, if I run out the pre-amp, split the signal, take one into the preamp, the other back into the power section, then turn the master volume either off or very low, will that be sufficient? Or am I pissing into the wind with this train of thought?
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If I run straight out of the FX out into the interface, will that work?
Yes, but the amp needs to be attached to the cab so the power amp sees a load.
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For the same amount of money as a load box and DI, you should just get an ISO cab (a 1x12 in a box with a mic clip) and record with that. So much simpler and easier and better sounding. Boom.
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I still gig and practice at high volume so it makes sense to have it, but for the sake of recording it would be nice to have it available.
I second Sid McCall's suggestion for the ISO cab. You will get much better tone, dynamics, and feel as opposed to VSTs with IRs. But the iso box will be bass heavy, so you will need to EQ to taste to fit the mix. If your not looking to spend too much on one, look into the Randall iso cab. The only warning is that it is not a silent option, the enclosure for the cab is not as "sound proof" as advertised, it will be about 1/4 of the volume of what the amp would sound like though a regular cab. There are ways to sound proof it further (ie MDF box) to get it down to like 1/40.
A note on running the your amp's preamp to your audio interface, this will work, but you will loose the best part of the amps tone... the tube power amp. From my experience VST power amps suck, and it will be a pale comparison to the tone you're use to. Also, I would not invest in a DI/loadbox unless you will be recording a DI signal that you want to reamp. Hope this helps man, good luck.
Iso cabs don't work the same as a cab in a room, so I think it'll be better using a Hotplate-style dummy load, and a DI box. That being said, it'd be easier to just use software amp sims at home and save yourself all this hassle if you're bothered about noise from a real amp.
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