Had another post up asking if a specific neck would fit but not much joy,

Anybody know what maple neck will fit a bullet strat?

It depends on the scale length (and you gotta make sure the screw setup is the same). The bullet is a 25.5" scale length, so as long as the scale length is 25.5", it'll work. Check out the back to see how many screws (I'm guessing a 4-screw. pretty standard) too.

Not sure what brands or whatever (I wouldn't get anything too fancy... buying something that's worth more than the guitar seems like it's defeating the purpose), but generally just searching for 'replacement strat necks' on Google will turn up some good results. Just pay attention to scale length and how it goes on the body (# of screws).
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I agree with mJones1992. It is possible to find a maple neck online pretty easily these days as every company rips fender or gibson off to pay the bills.

the big concern besides scale length is fret raidus as not every neck will work and of course the screw holes. Granted you can fill them with wood glue and re-tap or re-thread but that is never fun. Try ebay and see. If not no shame in selling the guitar or upgrading to something else.