the issue i have with one of my guitars is that the jack feels loose (barrel 1/4 jack) when i plugged the guitar works but i noticed the cable its bot fully inserted and when I see completely in the guitar doesnt sound, I thought it was a loose so i re-solder the connections but still same problem. any ideas if doesn't make sense tell me
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You need to tighten the nut that holds the jack together. Don't try to tighten it from the outside only, you should open the guitar up and hold the back end while you tighten the front.
A bit of clear nail polish on the threads will help the jack stay tightened.
Roc is right. Only turning the nut from the outside can spin the jack on the inside and your wires can break or become un-soldered.
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Yes, these guys are right. I used to have this problem all the time. Try tightening it while holding the back end of it (inside part). If it still comes loose, personally I'd replace it... mine used to come loose ALL the time. I then went to a local tech and he replaced it. He replaced it with a MUCH better jack too, it takes a hell-a-lot of force to plug in the cable, and a good bit to take it out... VERY solid connection as a side bonus for replacing a jack that's always coming loose... JACKPOT! Lol.
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I'm not sure I completely understand the problem, but I thought of one other thing you might check. The jack has a spring contact inside that contacts the tip of the guitar jack, if that spring is loose it can stop working right. You have to open the guitar up, push that spring contact back toward the center of the jack to give it a little more tension. If it still has problems, replace the jack.
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