love the piano intro, and how it transitions into a noisy guitar riff. I can tell you love establishing a great atmospheric kind of sound, which I love. so I'll have to check out some of your other work as well. the piano lines are damn beautiful, I can see why you'd want people to listen to this at a high volume, its a great wall of sound. did you use a synthesizer to record the bass part? or is that a bass with a lot of fuzz? either way, it sounds really cool. love all the crescendos you have going on, really like your style in general.

i would definitely appreciate if you checked out my most recent post, since I think we have somewhat similar melodic sensibilities:
Everything in here was made in Ableton. The bass was actually made of some pretty basic waveforms (sin and triangle waves from what I remember) layered together.
I like this song. You build up the atmosphere through the whole track, and just unleash it all in the outro part (my favourite part). There's a whole lot going on at the same time in this song, i like how the layers sit on top of each other. Only thing I would have done differently is perhaps have the drums a bit louder in the middle part when you first introduce them. The quiet part, followed by the outro is REALLY powerful, i like the contrast.
I like the build very much, the distorted guitar pairs really nicely with the piano. Really like the texture of the bass that comes in around the 1:30 mark. It has a nice buzz to it. When the distorted guitar comes back at the end it is very powerful. I think you have struck a really nice balance between an airy and a present sound. I'm not exactly sure if I'm correct, but it sounded like some of the drum effects towards the end were panned almost entirely to the right. I'm curious to know why you chose to do that? I think it works haha, I am just wondering what inspired it.
Overall I like the song, very relaxing, good to unwind to.
Hey man,

The build to this song is so epic, really digging it. And more so what you do after the distorted guitars, really cool. Also, I'm loving the piano, it gives me a serene vibe. At 1:43 you start with a buzz of sorts, how did you made it? It sounds really awesome. Ow and your piano playing is top notch. Great song man!
Hey man, thanks for the useful feedback, double tracking vocals in our songs is something I've considered but never bothered with so far but I'll definitely give it a go next time! Anyway, here's your crit:

Sounds pretty massive man, I'd love to see this kinda wall-of-sound stuff live - it would probably have a very My Bloody Valentine type feel to it with a full band playing it in your face. I don't suppose you're a fan of Nine Inch Nails either are you? Just the middle section 1:25 - 1:50ish has a really cool industrial vibe to it. You do the song a favour by savouring the loud guitar sections and focusing on the quieter more synth/piano driven stuff. I know it's post-rock but this song would probably work with vocals really well too!

Nice work man.
I don't listen to Nine Inch Nails a ton, but I've always enjoyed their music; The Day The World Went Away is probably my favorite track. My influences are kinda all over the place, I grab bits and pieces of everything I hear. I was very much going for that My Bloody Valentine, help-these-guitars-are-so-full-I'm-lost-in-them wall of sound.

As for vocals; I'm always open to collaborations; if you or your duo partner ever hear anything you think you can work with from my Soundcloud, hit me up.