i wanted to Put a new Pickup into my Cheap Squier Strat.
A friend gave me an Ibanez INF 4 he doesnt need anymore.

I want to wire it With just 1 Humbucker and 1 Volume and the jack of course.
I found this wiring diagramm from seymoure douncan:

But now i need some help with the Colour Code
The INF 4 has a white, a red, a blue, a black and a bare one. Which one needs to go where?

I hope someone can help

Thanks in advance


Ps. sry for grammar mistakes, im not a native english speaker
red = hot lead - to the selector
black / white = coiltap (solder together and tape off)
blue / bare = ground to the base of the volume pot anywhere.

so the coiltap wires you could use if you had a push pull potentiometer or something along those lines. But the easiest way to do it is the auto split or autotap mod I forget what it's called as I'm not a strat guy.

pro tips
#1 if it's too muddy or hot put a capacitor before it goes to the hot lead. So like red wire - tone capacitor (0.022 works great) - selector

where to get other kinds of capacitors - ebay- this guy in thailand I have 6 or 7 kinds from and I do various things with.

#2 if the pickup isn't bright enough add a 500k resistor (1/4 watt 5% tolerance). Solder it from the hot lead of the selector to the ground. You can get resistors as large as 10,000k. The larger the number the brighter the guitar which is why I'm mentioning 500k for a brighter tone right off the bat.
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I wouldn't put that pickup in anything ever, the INF pickups are muddy. I doubt it's going to be an improvement over anything.
The INF4 is muddy because it's almost 16k. This is a really high output pickup if we're going by just resistance and a massive upgrade over any squier pickup I've come in contact with considering it can coiltap and other wiring mods.

a 0.0022uf capacitor will fix up any muddiness. A simple Mylar capacitor from Thailand on ebay. You get 20 or 30 of them for like 2-3$. Mylar is excellent for beginners to solder because they don't require any heat sinks to risk breaking the capacitors. For what it's worth though a 0.0022uf capacitor is what a strat tone knob uses anyways and it filters out a certain % of output clearing up the muddiness.

if you're good with a soldering iron though and find too much highs the fender greasebucket mod instead of one of the tone knobs. My BC Rich warlock has a 19k bridge pickup and I put it like an inch away from the strings and this fixed any issues I had with the pickup up.
i bought this poti (500k) because i already read that singlecoils are mostly soldered to a 250k poti and humbuckers to a 500k one. So its not the Original Squier Poti left. I also bought a new Input Jack.

would this one work? http://www.thomann.de/gb/goeldo_kondensator_0022mf.htm

I also dont want to Solder the Remaining two Singlecoils into the Guitar. I Want it to be just the Humbucker (INF 4) and a Volume Poti, just if i confused someone with my last post of the guitar