I loved it! The bassline was pretty groovy, your soloing is great, and you have an amazing guitar tone. I especially liked the part starting around 1:30.

C4C? Links are in my sig.
Thanks. Can't take credit for the bass (or the rest of the band)... it was a backing track from an instructional book (Soloing strategies for guitar). When you keep playing over the same chord progression, it really forces you to be creative.
damn, this is floyd as hell! which I absolutely love of course. that guitar line sings very nicely. I think you approached this very creatively. because like you said, it is the same chord progression, but you made it very exciting to listen too.

since you are a multi-instrumentalist, I would love for you to review my most recent post:
Long lush flowing legato lines create a refulgently regal wash of flowing, glowing sound. Well engineered with a full warm thick tone, this track gently moves through smooth consonant changes with no rough edges. The guitar is deftly played, with excellent control of harmonics creating subdued screams that always blend with the overall polished feel.
A steady groove of slick shiny music done beautifully.

For a different vibe, please review Dressed To Kill
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I appreciate the comments and will check out your tunes soon. Jathon, I think you need to write for Rolling Stone magazine, lol... you make it sound a lot better than it is!