So i have about 3 or 400 euro to spend on a new amp.
I play alot of metal but dont want to get an amp specifically for metal as I play a lil bit of everything.
I have a Marshall mg100dfx at the mo but its been through the wars and is starting to give in. I also have a Boss ME20 foot pedal which is around 100 years old and would like to upgrade to something a bit better...

Any one have suggestions for me? Thanks peeps.
Used peavey vypyr tube 60 or high gain 50w jet city, either the combo or the head + a harley benton G212 vintage.
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+1 on the jet city (I haven't tried the vypyr tube but they have a good rep too)

you might be able to get a peavey 6505+ combo for that kind of money too if you're lucky. Maybe too metal, though.
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I'd go for this head

and this cab

If you can stretch your budget a few more € get the G212 vintage cab
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+1 to all suggestions in the thread.
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