Hey guys, my nearest guitar store is actually rather far, and I don't really feel like ordering off the internet, so any idea where to get some cables that are "9V adapter cables: 3 - 3.5mm/1.2mm." As in the kind you use to plug your pedals in to a power supply; I forgot mine at my college apartment and now I'm home, across the US.

Any help greatly appreciated.

I think those kind of cables are really only in the guitar market. You could try radioshack or another hardware/electronics store.

Ordering online is fun though c: Or you could have someone from the college apartment ship them to you.
Yeah that. About your only options.
The 3 - 3.5mm/1.2mm USUALLY refers to the size of the connector.
BUT, most standard pedals use a 2.1mm connectors.

Also, if you do buy a new adapter, make sure it is CENTER NEGATIVE.
It should have a symbol like this on it :

Your pedals should have a similar symbol on them.
Yeah, if they hadn't gone home too >.<... I'm home until the 20th and I want to play with my pedals! So Radioshack it is I suppose. Thanks, guys.
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