Paid for a one week subscription on my ipad. Now trying to get access on my laptop and it says I have no subscription and I have to pay again. So I sign up for a free trial on my laptop hand over the credit card details and I still cant get access to tab pro tabs. it says I can't upgrade my subscription which would allow full access and I can't find anywhere that can stop my credit card from being debited in a few days. have sent an email for help 12 hours ago and no response. I feel like I am about to be done over. help please someone
How found the subscription area at least. You have to click on UG plus and then you can find it. My remaining issue is I paid money on my ipad but am getting no benefit on my laptop
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Pirating music is wrong. Support the artists...and buy their albums.

It's funny how my lack of response caused you to deduce that I'm a music pirate. Gee Golly how we jump to conclusions.

I'm the worst pirate the net has ever seen, I'm like Captain Jack Sparrow making out with Snowden in the back of a record shop...major music pirating in that scenario.

Buy shit!
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It was fairly easy to deduce the fact you pirate music without having that much information about you to hand. However, I was probably the bigger pirate of the two of us (anyone remember DC++?).

I will agree.

The only thing I've EVER pirated was some X-Ray Spex tunes and that was when I was 15 or 16 using Kazaa (sp?)

I whole heartedly love owning music. I spend a lot of time on computers (namely at work), but nothing is better than tangible materialism. And records, goodness, don't even get me started on limited edition white vinyl.