Here is my latest effort, spent a lot of time getting the bass just right (about 20 takes and a right load of stress and grief haha) - synthy and electronic but also a lot of organic recordings layered in reversed, chopped up etc.

If anyone has listened to my stuff posted on here before I'd probably describe it as synth pop, but in a non cheesy way (I hope at least haha)

oh my god, you have got to be kidding me. I had that SAME exact idea for a song title!! thats too damn funny, I think "a bass odyssey" would be a hilarious song name. anyway, the song itself is really well done! love the guitar/bass and piano melodies at the beginning. vocals sound really good as well. overall, i think you've achieved a really really cool atmosphere with this song, and the vocals capture the overall ambience perfectly. what effects do you use for the ambient noise specifically?

on another note, if you are a bassist you might enjoy what I posted recently:
The ambiences are a blend of reverb, simulated tape delay in Logic and an EHX memory man pedal running through the aux's on my interface.

The vocals at the beginning are doubled up, one unedited mono track running through the tape delay, the other is using Waves Ultrapitch which effectively triples up one mono take, with the dry vocal in the centre and then 2 doubles slightly left and right - the panned vocals aren't pitched up or down but are edited in a way that they sound a bit more synthetic.

The vocals at the end "round and round and round" is a vocal take running through a subtle bit crusher and using the tape delay again, its panned right with a vocoder playing the chords with the lyrics coming through in the left speaker