As we know you can adjust pickup height, you can roll off volume giving you a warmer tone or try every gauge/material/brand of strings under the sun to fine tune our sound of our pickups but today it's an easy wiring mod inspired by Gretsch.

For this mod it works with any guitar with passive pickups only
single coils , p90s , humbuckers and anything in between
you can do this to one pickup or all pickups
two solders are required
this mod is reversible, if you don't like it get rid of it.
the parts we're using are easy to come by - I've got an ebay seller below

So first here's a simple diagram

This one is easy to describe. Before the hot lead wire goes to the selector we're adding a capacitor. Without getting too technical what this does in laymen terms is filter out a certain % of output from the pickups. This works for 5 way selectors as well.

What do I need?
other then basic soldering skills really anyone can do and maybe some electric tape or shrink wrap tubing to prevent shorting inside the guitar control cavity (you don't want the metal leads to touch anything) . But the big thing is capacitors. They do all the magic.

which capacitor works for me?
no two guitars are the same in sound. Capacitors are cheap so try a few different sizes. The larger the number the more output it'll get rid of. 0.022uf for example is where I start anything below it is too subtle. Try anything above it (0,023uf+) . Largest capacitors are 1.0uf. So the usual capacitors I work with are 0.022uf, 0.033uf, 0.047 myself. They are commonly found for guitar tone capacitors and plus easy to remember numbers.

I recommend mylar capacitors (those green ones) or ceramic discs (bright orange) you can buy a lot of them for next to nothing. They are harder to break so first time solders will appreciate them for this. However black beauties, orange drops, malory and even army surplus will work fine if you have a really good idea of what kind of tone you want out of the pickups who knows they made add a little bit of extra this or that to the sound.

I live in ___ and can't get capacitors locally
try tayda2009 on ebay. 20-30 capacitors for $2-$3 american. They are in Thailand and I did business with them for years modding guitars.

anyways any questions leave me a comment.

brightening a guitar in tone or the kinman treble bleed I may cover next and take it from there for those interested. I'll let you guys decide. I'll probably write it on my next thread saturday or sunday
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