what do you think is better
when bands play live
do you think it's better when they play like the studio version
or when the play the song differently
like with Hallowed Be Thy Name
the start is slower and the rest is faster
and on the studio version
the start is really fast and then the rest of the song is slower
but what do you think is best
It really depends on the song and the band. If you are a cover band the audience may wang to hear the songs like they were originally played. If it's a jazz band, you would expect them to play their songs a bit differently live. But some songs have really carefully planned arrangements that they just sound best when played like on the album. Also, sometimes bands come up with better sounding ways to play the song. The arrangement on the album may not be the best sounding way to play it.
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Just to add on to what Maggara said, I find it very useful to listen to the studio take as well as as many live takes that I can find if I'm covering a tune.

That way I can see what the artist originally intended as well as what he/she might have thought was not as important/vital (maybe a solo was improved in the studio or they changed a section when they played it live, etc).

For Hallowed Be Thy Name, I'd personally go for a live version. Maiden really shines live.

Also, remember that it's YOU playing the song. No matter what, a little bit of you is going to shine through. You just have to decide how much. I personally try to keep the original 'vibe' of the song intact as well as I can when I'm covering something.

That's where paying attention to what parts are important to the original artist comes in handy (you can change the ones that aren't!).
It depends if they butchered it, then I would preferred studio version. If they played it differently and cool, I prefer that.

I love a good live jam too. A studio version is of no more worth than listening to the studio version really. But a cool live jam existed once for an instant and then vanished forever, and everything contributed to it. The venue, the vibe, the people, everything, and you were a part of it.

That is special to me. But it all comes down to who is doing the performance, like a lot of things in music.
A lot depends on the context in which you're playing it. If you're a cover band, you generally want to play something pretty close to the original.

If you are a band with a distinct style, however, a lot of bands have successfully made songs their own by taking a song that's not in that style and re-imaginigng it. I saw Lizz Wright do an amazing version of Led Zeppelin's "Thank You," for example (and, heck, one could argue that some Zeppelin songs, like The Lemon Song, are essentially covers that have been drastically re-imagined).

But if you're a -core band, and the song you want to cover is a -core song, I'd probably aim pretty squarely at the album version.