Hey guys, I really need some advice...

Earlier today I was playing and all the sudden a loud buzzing started happening. With distortion you can just barely hear the guitar under the buzzing if you play a note and if you push the input cable up the buzzing dies down and you can hear the guitar over-top of the buzzing. With a clean setting the buzzing completely goes away and the guitar is clear sounding again if you move the input cable. As soon as you let go the buzzing comes back really loud again.

I've tried switching the pickup I was on, the amp I was using and the cable I had plugged into the amp. Nothing has worked so I'm assuming it's the input jack.

Can I get some help on how to fix this? I've never really fixed anything major with my guitar so I'm new to this.

Thanks so much!
Check the wire connections to your amplifier's input jack (and your guitar's output jack). These wires become disconnected from time to time. If it is a wire problem, it is and easy and quick fix. Then check the spring metal contact on both jacks. Sometimes a non-standard phone plug can bend these things, which screws with them making proper contact with the tip of the plug on the cord.
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Could be a grounding issue in the guitar or jack wiring.
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How loud did you have your amp? Maybe a feedback issue like you can have with a PA.

It's probably the distortion or wiring otherwise, so like the other guys said, check the wiring out.
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