UG Songwriting Game, compilation thing, or album or whatever, the 7th one, with bonus tracks, as usual, nice intro to make it seem like I don't usually just copy-paste the whole OP from previous threads.

Bonus tracks, from Cover Week and Free Week:

If you can't be bothered to listen to the whole thing or if you want to pick out just a few songs to listen to, here's a sampler for you to get a taste of each song:

For those of you who haven't heard of the Songwriting Game:
We have a week to write a song and post it in our group page; we then leave it to The Pit to decide which song was the best of the week.

The focus of the game is on the composition/songwriting, rather than the quality of the performance or the recording, which is why the recordings might sound a bit rough.

Each week's winners and runners-up get to appear on a compilation album.
About cover week and free week:
The songs for cover week are covers instead, as you may have guessed from the name. The twist is that they have to be in a completely different style from the original.

Free week is for songs that have been in the making for a longer period of time. It's an incentive to finish old ideas and/or an opportunity to show the Pit some songs that weren't originally intended for the Songwriting Game.

Here's our group page, if you want more info or if you want to join.
(We're currently taking a Christmas break but we'll be back in the beginning of January.)

Songs on the album by: whywefight, MapOfYourHead, Trifonas, SirZep, ehbacon, nico_9550, sickman411, FoOltz, ultimate-slash, chev311e

Other participants in weeks 37 to 42, cover week 4 or free week 4:
Joshua1207, Faux, primusfan, fLYinGV23, BjarnedeGraaf

1. Wood in Two Parts (MapOfYourHead)
2. House of Leaves (whywefight [as Exactly That])
3. Colours (Trifonas)
4. Ode to Loneliness (whywefight [as Exactly That])
5. Unknown (ehbacon, nico_9550, sickman411)
6. Fuck Theory, Get Money (whywefight, FoOltz [as Exactly That])
7. Flush Park (MapOfYourHead)
8. Rebuild (Our Shattered Homes) (whywefight [as Exactly That])
9. Picking Up the Phone (MapOfYourHead, Trifonas)
10. Care 77 bpm (Trifonas)
11. Ghost (chev311e)
12. Mine (ultimate-slash)
13. Sometimes It's Good (ultimate-slash)

Bonus tracks:
1. Rapt [Karen O cover] (SirZep)
2. Out of the Woods [Taylor Swift cover] (whywefight [as Exactly That])
3. Her Eyes Out (Maraiza) (whywefight [as Exactly That])
4. Misled (SirZep)

Songwriting game concept/group admin/weekly thread maker: Minicaxotinho
Cover week concept: chev311e
Free week concept: Joshua1207
Compilation album concept: Joshua1207 and a bunch of other people who built on the idea but who knows exactly who they all are by now
Compilation album management: sickman411
Album cover: Minicaxotinho

Check out the previous albums here, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.
You can also find them in our Bandcamp and Youtube pages.

Also, to celebrate our first anniversary (yeah that's right, we've been going for over a year ), we're going to have a song of the year voting thread soon, so look out for that!
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Wow, I forgot how awesome Care 77 bpm is.
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