I'm currently looking for an overdrive pedal I heard live a few days ago. I've got an image of the pedal, however, I can't find anything online about that pedal (no shop that sells it etc.). Do you know the exact name of the pedal or even better: do you know where to buy it? It really sounded great to my ears and since I know that it's very affordable, I'd love to buy it somewhere. Thanks in advance!
I can't find it either. It is probably a custom-made pedal so finding who made it would be difficult.

The pedal you've shown is definitely a Klone, which is a overdrive pedal modeled after the fabled Klon Centuar.

And there are literally myriads of Klones.

If you want a cheap, affordable, beautifully voiced Klone, try the Soul Food by Electro-Harmonix.
got to The Gear Page and post this there. if someone there doesn't know about it then I'd be shocked.
I strongly suspect it's a rebadged Joyo

http://www.effectsdatabase.com/model/rocktone/jf03 (that's a handy site for any pedal rebranding musings )

they don't have the vintage od, but they have the crunch distortion, which they say is a rebranded joyo/harley benton crunch distortion (crunchbox clone). Considering the name and shape of the box etc. are the same (EDIT: not to mention the packaging and manual) I'd strongly suspect it's a Joyo Vintage overdrive rebrand. Which itself is a tubescreamer clone. You can get one on thomann (rebranded as harley benton vintage overdrive) for under 30 euros.

there are absolutely tons of tubescreamer clones available, though. The digitech bad monkey isn't quite a clone, but is more like a "glorified" tubescreamer, and is equally cheap and maybe a bit more reliable (and with more tone-tweaking ability). Though the joyo might sound marginally nicer (or closer to a tubescreamer).

if you can spend a little more the visual sound route 808 is pretty nice and ~66 euros on thomann.
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