So I've got an interview for a job as a Guitar/Piano teacher on Monday. Does anybody know what I'll typically be asked?
Is it for a private school, music store, online teacher network, or something else?

Nearly all will ask about your music education or qualifying experience, teaching experience, and questions which guage your realiability in order to filter you out from the musicians who just want a quick music job but are ultra flaky.
Okay thanks. It's a private school. I'm not too worried about qualifications, I graduated with first class Honours from a top conservatorium in my state. I also have teaching experience. Mostly just worried about anything unexpected that I might be asked.
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Here's some general interview tips:

It's possible that they'll ask you why you want to work specifically for that school, so do your research beforehand and have some answers ready.

Also they're likely to ask you about your experience with kids, and want you to provide an example of a situation where your school aged kid had an issue and how you resolved it. Have a bunch of real life situations ready to spout out if you encounter any relevant question.

Same goes with parents of kids. It's possible you could get a question like "an angry parent calls up saying that their kid got a D in your class. They said you are a failure of a teacher because if you taught them right the kid would have gotten an A. How do you respond?"

Also a really common interview mistake is to not prepare your questions to use at the end, so think of some and have them ready. Make questions that show your ambition. Things like "can I work with the drama department to provide music for plays" or "can I put on school concerts for my students" are good examples of this type of question.

When asked your biggest weakness will be "lack of experience in a private school environment". Then you talk about how unique this particular school is and how excited you are to learn about it, and that you're confident you'll learn the ropes quickly. It'll flatter them.

Also dont be afraid to prepare notes and take them with you to the interview. They won't think less of you - it'll just show you've prepared.

Good luck.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
Thank you so much for the tips Alan. I'll get right on to thinking up a few questions that I can ask at the end.
No worries mate. It's also worth checking the schools end of year report (if they have one) for things to use in the interview.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.