Looking for some help, I am looking for a unfinished Mahogany telecaster body to make a Fender Jim Root Copy. Having a hard time fining a unfinished body with 1-tone and 3 positions switch and humbucker cutouts.

Would like to keep the cost for the body under $100

Or even links if there is a build page that someone has done....could not find one...

any help would be great!

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I know just the site. Check this site every now and then.

keep in mind the finish or paint isn't perfect and they constantly re-stock stuff so check back constantly. As long as you get the right neck pocket you'll be fine. 25.5 vs 24.75 is the defining thing.

you may have a bit of routing to do and if you do sand remember to wear a mask and use 60 or 80 grit. It took me a week to do a fender strat body to sand it down. My biggest advice if you don't have a power sander is to put some electric tape on the back of the sand paper like 4-6 layers. It absorbs a bit of the heat and keeps the sand paper working longer than without the tape. However if you don't have a sanding block super glue on your hands will prevent blisters.
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